Friday, February 18, 2011

Atheist or Religious???

See that title? Another false dilemma! This all comes out of an article I read in the Herald Atheist Draws Crowd. I can understand why atheists feel the need to be defensive and attack religion. Religion has attacked atheism for a loooooong time. Here's a quote from the article that shows his posturing:

People often ask him, he said, why he lacks belief in God, but he thinks that is bad phrasing.
“One wouldn’t say that one lacks a belief in fairies and leprechauns,” he said.

God or leprechauns! Not a false dilemma though, but a false analogy.

Anyhoo, does it really need to be a battle? Later on he says,

he makes a distinction between “putting down illogical beliefs and putting down individuals.”
But this refers back to another post I made (Faith Is a Fallacy). Religion is NOT logical. It's not supposed to be! The power of religion, especially Christianity, is in the faith.

A friend recently told me he was agnostic (as well as a day trader--I wonder if those two correlate: Daytradin foo). My response was "We all should be agnostic!" There's no proof of any of our faith. And that's what gives it power.

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  1. Agreed, to think one religion is the correct religion is just absurd. I have the same feeling about different religions as I do for same sex relationships. Whatever makes them happy is fine by me. It still amazes me that people care so much about what others are doing in their own life, when it has absolutely no effect on their own life.